Storm Damage

Storm Damage & Emergency Services

After a big storm, you may find that the changes in weather can cause damage to the trees on your property. Mature trees take years to grow, so when one is damaged or broken, it can change the whole look of your property. You might think that a cracked branch or broken area on the trunk means the whole tree needs to be removed, but at ReAction Tree, one of the services we offer is repairing storm damaged trees, and safley removing them from damaged property. Not all trees that have encountered damage have to be removed, and our goal is to keep them viable if at all possible.

Repairing storm damaged trees involves several steps. First we will send an arborist to your property to determine the extent of the damage. If we can repair the tree, we will create a plan and go over it with you before we begin. In some cases, we will use braces or cables to hold branches and other parts of the tree in place so they can remain stable.

A damaged tree is a major safety risk on your property, but if we handle the repair process, it will keep it in much better condition and reduce the risk of it breaking in the future.
We can handle wounds on the branches, trunk, and roots, although the process of repairing them will depend on the extent of the damage. If you have problems with the trees on your property in Oakland County, give us a call at ReAction Tree Services for all of your storm damage and service needs.

We also offer services to remove trees, that have damaged your property after a storm. Anything from a tree on-top of your car, to a split house from a tree; We can handle it efficiently, and give you the up-most level of services in Oakland County.

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